Marky Pierson - Everything is Possible
Marky Pierson ( Mark Jeffery Pierson) is an American artist who's early works are based in the city of Key West, Florida USA.  Pierson's art and skill set encompasses many forms of media, including graphic design, illustration, painting, film, design and construction consulting, and the theater arts.  

A passion for the arts and a background in business makes Marky a driven force of nature.  Independently employed from the age of 16, Marky has a proven and diverse track record in many arenas, from managing a mid-sized construction company, directing documentary and corporate films,  to designing and branding projects for boutique businesses. 

Marky's design company Wonderdog Studios, founded in 2006, creates graphic designs, corporate marketing films, mini documentaries, festivals and events, image branding and online media designs. The studio is a gathering place for Key West's up and coming artists, entertainers, characters, writers and bohemian street performers. 

Possessing a love of people, diversity, and art of all types, combined with superior management skills, makes for a dynamic combination.  Success never slows enthusiasm for new ventures as he is motivated by bold new projects and bringing people together to create an art filled community.  The credo 'Everything is Possible' is a positive way of life for the high-energy artist and producer. 
January 31, 2022 — Rachel Ligon