Grand Opening Night

Key West Collective is the brainchild of Rachel E. Ligon built on the basis of community, art, and creativity. After nearly two decades of capturing life and love as a wedding photographer, Ligon envisioned a creative space where local artists and artisans could showcase their talents to tourists and locals alike.

 When her lease came to a close earlier this year, the universe opened a new door for the Kentucky Native,  ironically across the road on Caroline Street from her first studio. Ligon toured the space and immediately knew it was home, that was the day the Key West Collective was born.  The large open space nestled in the Historic Seaport was the perfect location to house imagination and artistry. After orchestrating a team of creative locals and bribing family members to begin the process of loving and curating the collective, the real work began. Lights were properly hung, the walls were brought to life with a fresh coat of milky white paint , jewelry cases were repurposed, and the old maple floors were polished and ready for art lovers to walk all over. 

 The Key West Collective is constructed on the basis of all things that make Key West, essentially, Key West. With a strong sense of bringing the community together to celebrate individuality and innovation, Ligon knew exactly how to guide her vision to life. From finding treasures on the streets of Old Town to salvage and save, to a large scale one of a kind mural painted by one of the islands most beloved artists, to literally every found object in the space created by Key West finest, Ligon made her dream come true.

Doors opened promptly at 6pm on Friday, May 14, 2021 where guest were greeted by an oversized black and white balloon arch, catered deliciousness, laughter, and art. Lots and lots of art.  Guest mingled about the space eating hand selected hors d’oeuvres, sipping vine ripened merlot and white wine, and took in all that surrounded them-and what surrounded them was years in the making.


Today, you can smell the aromas of Sacred Tobacco, coffee, lavender, and lingering scents from the handmade soap made in-house luring you in from the hot and humid sidewalks of Caroline Street. Life captured in the form of photography play homage to Ligon’s detailed and gifted eye showcasing her never ending love affair with the island that she chose to call home some twenty years ago. Royal Poinciana trees, local boating spots and Fort Jefferson play muse to Ligon throughout her assembly of work. Each photograph brought to life with the latest technology in printing while a starky white or inky black frame complete and complement the look.  With a rotating door of hand selected artist and artisans from  candle makers, painters, jewelry designers, to sculptors, the Key West Collective is ever changing.


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to take in a few of our favorite things at 720 Caroline Street.  Open Tuesday Thru Sunday from 10-6pm, closed Monday for boat days.

Catered by Fly Away Cafe. Photography by Nick Doll. Videography footage by Wonderdog. 

June 02, 2021 — Rachel Ligon