A Collective of Local Artists & Artisans

It was fine time to start a collective with so much talent in the area. Move over you ol' T-shirt shops. People want authentic artwork and handcrafted gifts to take home from Key West! The Key West Collective is a collection of works by some uber talented Key West folks. Always changing. Always growing. Always awesome.

Abigail Houff

Abigail's designs are handmade gemstone jewelry, using gold, silver, and colored stones from all over the world. She is based right here in Key West, Florida.

Andy Baxter

Wire and found glass from Key West's very own Bottle Beach tango to create one-of-a kind scultpures.

Caroline Horn

Light your way with this Key West Collective exclusive line of handmade candles. Seriously some great candles.

Damn Good Coffee- Local

Certified organic, Costa Rican single origin blend is roasted at the weekly Farmers Market. Prepare those tastebuds for some damn good coffee!

Denisa Rock

Anna’s EsSCENTials has been dedicated to creating soaps and other body care that are powerful and effective, as well as all-natural and organic.

Debie Fritts

Art inspired by the nature beauty our Island offers. Handmade Nautical Conch Cottages made from Dade County pine and wood found on the island.

Jennifer Potter

Jewelry for the unapologetic female. Made with 14K Yellow Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and litteraly anything and everything fabulous!

Local Authors

Find some of Key West's most well known authors here. Read a selection of local works while on vacation or have shipped back to your home.

Lucy Hawk

Key West based artist who creates hand cut paper artworks. Inspired by the natural side of the Florida Keys and the coastal environment.

Marky Pierson

Marky creates many forms of media, including graphic design, illustration, painting, film, production and interior design.

Nick Soto

Native Designer & Bench Jeweler specializing in Gold and Silver Fine Jewelry all made right in the Conch Republic!

Rachel E Ligon

Rachel has captured images all over the world where her photography style emerged. She captures people and environments in a very natural way.

Traci Rork

Traci Rork is a freshwater Conch that has recently branched into the art world with her one-of-a-kind shell creations perfect for displaying your treasures.

Latitude & Longitude of Key West

Famed for its pastel-hues and conch-style houses. Keep these coordinates and Key West close to your heart. 

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Beautiful space filled with wonderful local items from multiple artists. All the beautiful art and locally crafted jewelry are displayed so the customers have room to admire and purchase a little of Key West’s local artistry. Well done !
— Cindy Loprete
Customer reviews
Love the new collective!!! Beautiful jewelry line by Jennifer Potter, delicious candles and soaps! Amazing photography. Definitely a great place to stop by and say hi and pickup some alluring pieces for your home.
— Catherine Georges
Customer reviews
Key West Collective is a beautiful space with amazing work! We love the professional staff, products, and perfect location while you’re out and about. Cheers to a long road of continued success!
— Kim Knight
Customer reviews
Key West Collective is absolutely gorgeous! Rachel created such a lovely, welcoming space that showcases local artist & makers.
— Lucy Hawk
Customer reviews
Beautiful art work, 10/10 would recommend key west collective to anyone who enjoys key west and the local artists!
— Chase Humphrey
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Key West Collective

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